UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing)

Dedicate your fundraiser to an important milestone, anniversary, or celebration. Create a giving page:
  • To celebrate your organ transplant anniversary.
  • To celebrate your birthday.
  • To celebrate a significant post-transplant milestone, such as your first big race, a trip or adventure you are embarking on, or anything you are especially proud of being able to do now that you’ve had your transplant.

Why does UNOS need your support?
  • More than 113,000 people are on the waitlist for an organ today.
  • A new person is added to the list every 10 minutes. Today, 18 candidates will die waiting for an organ.
  • Every day about 100 lives are saved by organ transplant, but we think this number should be higher. You can make that happen.
  • Complex challenges exist within transplantation that require innovative solutions. Organ preservation, transportation, logistics, and transplant data management are all areas in need of research funding.
  • With 35 years of experience as the nation’s transplant system and decades of data, UNOS is uniquely situated to address these problems, but we can’t do it alone.

Your support and the awareness you raise for organ donation through your giving page helps UNOS save more lives through improvements to the organ donation and transplant system. Thank you.